Ask me about my flair.


Deborah Nicholson is our Board Chairperson. She works at the Free Software Foundation, sings in The Empties and keeps some of her other projects at EXiMiOUS Productions. Follow eximious on identica if you need to know more.

Megan Dickerson throws dinner parties for Boston families at 250-foot tables and projects Michel Gondry movies on a giant milk bottle as Manager of Community Programs and Partnerships at Boston Children's Museum. When she's not living in the milk bottle, she co-curates of the Bumpkin Island Art Encampment, the only art homesteading experience on an island in Boston Harbor. Through a partnership with artist Bridget Matros, she also creates interactive, scent-enhanced movie happenings in public places:

Heather Kapplow is an AIR alumni (2004), conceptual artist/media producer/curator at large, managing producer at PBS/NPR's Forum Network & maker of special stuff for IFFB.

Dana Moser is a musician and artist/filmmaker working in digital media. He is also a professor at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in the Studio for Interrrelated Media. He has a thing about cooking shows.

Hanna Rose Shell is a filmmaker, video artist, and historian of science and media. Her films and installations have shown in China, France, Italy, England, Germany and Austria, as well as North America. For more details see Hanna's website at