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Devil Music Project Statement


This proposal is for the request of the use of any available existing space at the Berwick Research Institute for the month of May 2003. The intended use for the space is to allow Brendon Wood and the Devil Music Ensemble the time and space to explore the various means of musical expression in a controlled improvisatory atmosphere. The group is currently preparing for a performance of the music of local composers, similar to the performance held December 14th, 2001 at the BRI. The time and space would allow the group to explore and incorporate several aspects of instrumental technique, technology, and musical interpretation into each players musical vocabulary. Through weekly meetings (2-3 times per week) the ensemble will collectively compose a larger body of work based on elements of improvisation as well as organized structure. Potentially, ultimately performed in 5:1 surround sound. As well, this project shall be open to any musician who demonstrates a certain proficiency on his or her instrument.


The ensemble is currently a collective of 24 players. Instruments include violin, viola, violincello, contrebasse, clarinet (Bb/Bass), saxophones (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone), bassoon, baritone horn, french horn, percussion, electric guitars.
Created in 1999, the Devil Music Ensemble is a tool used to explore many of the exciting aspects of music.


This idea is supported and enthused wholly by Dr. David Patterson/Professor of Theory/Composition at the University of Massachusetts who will also aid in steering this project toward an enlightening, educational and enjoyable experience.