We are trying to be a ship instead of a building.

Jessica Rylan's AIR Project Statement

Jessica Rylan Piper was the third AIR artist, occupying the Berwick while the program was still an informal allocation of studio space within the Berwick’s main gallery space during August and September of 2002.

Here is the beginning of her research report, read more on her report page:
Overview of Red Sky at Night
Jessica Rylan November 2002
General Description
The installation was composed of two parts, a column with integral speaker cabinet, and a modular synthesizer and amplifier resting on a nearby pedestal. The column was eleven feet tall, four feet square on the outside, and open at the top. There was an opening on the backside of the column approximately twenty inches wide and three feet tall. Through this opening the viewer entered the installation. The internal dimension was three feet square, large enough for only one person. All angles of the column, internal and external, were perpendiculars. The column was placed in a corner of the gallery…