We are trying to be a ship instead of a building.

Join the Scratch Orchestra

Event Details
11 Aug 2009 7:30pm
08/11/2009 9:30pm
The Berwick, 14 Palmer St. Dudley Square

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You are invited to participate in a historical reenactment of Cornelius Cardew's Scratch Orchestra.  No musical experience is necessary, only an instrument (i.e., cello, flute, kazoo, saxophone, drums, voice, washboard, guitar, trombone, pots and pans, etc.)

The first meeting is August 11, 2009 at 7:30 PM
in the Berwick Research Institute studios,
14 Palmer Street, Roxbury MA

Epitomizing the transient political idealism of the late 1960s, the Scratch Orchestra sought to rethink music in socially activist terms.  Welcoming any player, regardless of experience or occupation, the group used collaborative and improvisation-based procedures in attempt to cooperatively bridge the gap between professional and amateur, art and everyday life. Democratically run by the players, in theory if not always in practice, it was at once a performing music ensemble, musical training-program, and political think-tank.  And fitting to its democratic aims, the orchestra was founded in a written declaration—the “Draft Constitution.”

Rather than attempting a reconstruction of events-- a la Civil War reenactments-- the Scratch Orchestra Reenactment will use this Draft Constitution as its script.  By following the instructions and practices laid out in their manifesto, the Reenactment will theatrically revisit this radical and inventive group by taking on its premise—to pool our resources and assemble for action.

Go to: http://eveessex.com/scratch/  for full details.