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Announcing the Final Berwick Artist Grants

Dear Berwick friends,

After ten years of sponsoring support for experimental and research-based art in the greater Boston art scene, the Berwick Research Institute is shuttering its virtual doors at the end of this year.

Since 2001, hundreds of artists have served as Berwick board, staff, Artists-in-Research, Bumpkin artists, performers and more. Each has contributed to the indelible mark that the Berwick has left on the spirit of this region's art. We will be throwing a party (stay tuned for details) to celebrate all of these contributions before each of the Berwick's current members move on to other ventures, but before we party with you, we have one more order of business--awarding some grant money to some lucky artists!


Eligibility and conditions:

--> Grants of up to $5000 will be awarded based on the quality and feasibility of the individual proposals which match the mission of the Berwick (see Mission)

-->This call for submissions is open to all artists, but the work being proposed must either serve or be created in the greater Boston area.

--> DEADLINE for submissions is: December 12, 2011

-->Brevity is a virtue in all submitted proposals. CV and bio materials are preferred as URLs. Please try to fit your proposal, including images, on one, single-page .pdf file.

-->There is a single condition attached to the winning Final Berwick Artists Grants: You must donate/share 10% of the granted funds to another artist or arts organization in the Boston area. Please specify this artist or organization in your proposal.

Applications can be sent no later than midnight December 12, 2011 to this address: