Sowing art in the bitter soil of Boston since 2001

About DiR

Taking a cue from it’s own research-oriented history, the Berwick extended its eight years of experience supporting unconventional creative practices into the arena of experimental arts administration. Director-in-Residence (DiR) took equal inspiration from the traditional role of an Executive Director and from the contained tenure and supported experimentation associated with an artist residency; a residency in which the DiR takes the reins and asks the organization itself to become the creative experiment.

Past DiR: Leon Johnson

As DiR, Johnson initiated a series of convivial symposia through which the Berwick drew together leading creative thinkers to provide state-of-the-art research on questions relating to the cultivation of, and engagement with, new audiences; the incubation, initiation, and distribution of new works in convergent media; and strategies to build and sustain networks of knowledge and collaboration. 

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