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    Contemporary Art in Shanghai:

    The presence of the 2010 Expo and major semi-annual exhibitions opening in Sept. and october has Shanghai teeming with contemporary art. I have had the fortune to connect with a local contemporary art savant living in Shanghai named Rebecca Lin. Rebecca has helped me navigate this torrent of activity by recommending galleries and symposia that are presenting compelling work.

    I have attended several openings, exhibitions, and art talks since I've arrived and the one that has stood out most for was a presentation given by renowned independent curator and art critic Manray Hsu.  His lecture was part of the 7th Asia-Eurpoe Art Camp called "moved, mutated and distributed identities," and focused on the topic of globalization and the idea of "Global Citizenship."  Manray presented artworks and questions for curators regarding the topic. He asked how curators are addressing this issue while organizing events like Biennials. Manray questions: "How to bring a global currency such as a biennial to engage with a city?," and "How to construct a new public in a biennial? a proposal for a new public?"  In addressing how the superstructures of art impact the individuals that comprise the "public,"  Manray begins to illuminate the importance and responsibility of both the curator and the artist within a global context.  Furthermore, it illustrates the role the audience has in shaping the content of these exhibitions.

    Here are some links for you to explore while i consider more of my thoughts on the topic:


    (Beggar 1.01: a robot for the materially deprived in Taipei, Saso Sedlacek)

    Selected artists and artworks referenced from the discussion:
        -- sasosedlacek.com
        -- theyesmen.org
        -- all-media.

    Writings and Researchers on the topic of Globalization:
        -- naomiklein/shock-doctrine
        -- appadurai.com

    Other current and upcoming exhibtions in Shanghai:

        -- shcontemporary
        -- mocaShanghai
        -- ShanghaiArtfair


    Megaliths Traversed: Photos by daniel s. deLuca

    Shanghia / Pudong Financial District: 

    I had to navigate an ocean of people to get this shot. I felt like I was on a pilgrimage.




    World Financial Center - This was my office for two days.



    Radisson Hotel:



    Other Megaliths:




    All hail the Gods of Consumerism!

    It has been awesome to witness the omnipresence of consumerism in Shanghai. Its ubiquitous nature is illuminated in the underground marble labyrinths of metro stations where its repositories of colorful and garish talons reach out to pilgrims.



    Who is who?



     This is a giant shopping are. Its also happened to be my neighborhood for 4 days:



     Questions? Comments? Concerns? email Daniel@BerwickInstitute.org

    more soon....

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    Approximately 375,000 people attend the Expo each day and many of these visitors will spend over 10 hours waiting in lines consisting of thousands of people in order to enter popular pavilions.
    With these conditions in mind People In Space has sent out an international call for proposals inviting creative thinkers to submit ideas for actions that engage the waiting visitors in unexpected ways.We have evaluated the proposed actions based on three categories: utilization of the lines, simplicity of design, and strength of concept as it relates to the context of the Expo and its themes. We will implement the selected proposals in and through the lines present at the pavilions as surrogate performers. Artists selected include: Andrew Y. Ames, Jeffery Byrd, James Ellis Coleman, Lewis Gesner, Brian Kane, Heather Kapplow, Alexia Mellor, Michael Oatman, Seth Taylor, Laray Polk, and Julia Wagner. In addition to the projects in lines the People in Space artists on the ground at the Expo will utilize unforeseen contexts as platforms for further artistic actions.


    For more information and images from ?RWeW8ing4 visit ThePresentTense.Org

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    People in Space

    Art, Research, and Communication at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo

    The 2010 Shanghai World Expo hosts nearly 200 countries within a 5.28 square kilometer area and is officially recognized as the largest in the 159 year history of World Expositions. Many of the participating countries have created temporary multi-million dollar pavilions to address the theme “Better City, Better Life,” and 70 million visitors from around the world are anticipated to attend between May1st and October 31st.

    People in Space is a project organized by American artists from Boston, Massachusetts that utilizes the context of the Shanghai Expo as a platform for contemporary art, research, and communication. We see an opportunity to learn from and contribute to this unique event by actively engaging with both the people and spaces that define it.  We hope that this project will act as a useful artistic survey of one of the most compelling reoccurring events in history. Considering the complexity and scale of the Expo we have chosen to remain flexible with our efforts in order to take advantage of unanticipated opportunities and situations that arise.


    Approximately 375,000 people attend the Expo each day in order to enter popular pavilions.  Many of these visitors will have spent over 10 hours waiting in lines consisting of thousands of people. With these conditions in mind People in Space has sent out an international call for proposals inviting creative thinkers to submit ideas for actions that engage waiting visitors in unexpected ways.

    We evaluate the proposed actions based on three categories: utilization of the lines, simplicity of design, and strength of concept as it relates to the context of the Expo and its themes. Proposals that are selected will be performed by a team of expert practitioners in and through the lines present at the pavilions. They come up with the actions and we implement them as their surrogate.

    In addition to the projects in lines the People in Space artists on the ground at the Expo will utilize unforeseen contexts as platforms for further artistic actions.  Currently, this project is an unofficial part of the Expo. We will be flexible and diplomatic in how, where, and what we create there. 


    Our research is intended to provide basic information about the context of the Expo in order to support our art and communication. We have selected three main questions to explore through interviews, direct observations, and the collection of materials available online.  Using these questions as a starting point to engage visitors, volunteers and organizers we intend to gain insight into the myriad topics associated with the Expo. 

    What motivates people to attend?  What inspires individuals, organizations and nations to participate and attend this Expo? What did they imagine it would be like?  How did their imagination of the expo change once they arrived?

    How has the Expo organized people and space?  How does a country get to host and participate in an Expo? How is the Expo managed and administered? How was the overall layout of the Expo determined? How does the architecture affect the space? Were there any criteria for the sustainability and design of the Expo site and pavilions?

    What is the most compelling content at the Expo?  How are participants and attendees interpreting the Theme “Better City, Better Life?” What ideas, products, and pavilions are getting the most attention? What seems missing?


    The relationships and conversations that we establish and grow throughout this project are germane to our artistic efforts. Through our work in Shanghai and at the Expo we will meet, converse, and share our project with residents, visitors, volunteers, and organizers.  The insights from our art, conversations, and research will in turn be shared with a general audience online as well as the community of artists and organizations we represent from Boston. Starting from this point we hope to reach out to a more diverse audience and start dialogues with people and organizations from a range of fields.

    World Expositions do not receive the popular attention and coverage that events like the Olympics do. As a result both American and other international audiences know little or nothing about these events despite their rich history as reoccurring international venues for invention, innovation, art, and culture. The organizers of People in Space recognize the potential in the form and scope of World Expo’s, as a whole, and specifically as a platform for contemporary art. We hope that through this project we can share our own excitement, and inspire creative thinkers from the U.S. and abroad to imagine how we can contribute to the form and content
    of this years Expo and Expo’s to come.

    The process and results from People in Space will be presented through an exhibition of video, photography, writing and installation at the Mobius gallery in Boston, MA, USA from October 8th - 13th. Ongoing documentation and blogging for this project will also be present online at: www.BerwickResearchInstitute.org, www.Mobius.org, www.ThePresentTense.org

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    H&L Restoration services Logo


    SUNDAY MAY 2, 2010

    For one day only former Berwick AIRs, Liz Nofziger and Heather Kapplow, along with Linda Price Snedden will be offering wellness services as H&L Restoration Services.

    As seen on CCTV and the MASSART CHANNEL, H&L Restoration Services is an extremely specialized clinic that provides a type of treatment that has previously only been available in Tibet. This treatment suppresses extraneous immune reactions; protects bone marrow and digestive tracts from free floating radiation; tonifies the liver; has a hypoglycemic effect on people with insulin resistance; and has mild antidepressant effects.

    All in all, we think it might be THE antidote to everyday life! Please see our fine infomercial here for more details about our highly effective treatment: http://vimeo.com/11061136

    H&L Restoration Services will be operating this fairly top secret (but extremely affordable) trial treatment center on May 2, 2010 from 12pm-8pm (with a short afternoon break from 3:30-4pm) at the MEME Gallery (55 Norfolk Street, Central Square, Cambridge MA.) Because we care a great deal about your physical and mental health, we invite you to partake of what we are offering. Please feel free to refer your friends and relatives to us as well.

    H&L Restoration Services

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    At 3pm (don't forget to spring forward first!) at the Lilypad (1353 Cambridge St.) in Inman Square in Cambridge the Axis Ensemble performing a wild, new piece based on a 'musical sculpture' by artist Nathalie Miebach (a Berwick Research Institute AIR Alumni) as well as pieces by Elliot Cless, Jason Coleman and Road Movies by John Adams.


    There is a $10 suggested donation. 
    For more information about Axis Ensemble, see: http://axisensemble.com/


    For more information about Lilypad (including directions) see: http://www.lily-pad.net/

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    Members of the Berwick are very grateful to be among a very few invitees to the opening today of a short-term installation work by Roslindale-based artist RR Selavy at the Mission Park MBTA stop in Mission Hill. Selavy's peice INSTANT GRATIFICATION, produced in collaboration with the MBTA and underwritten by Palm Inc., will be on display for roughly 48 hours at the Mission Park bus kiosk (on the 39 and 66 bus routes.)


    Sponsor of Selavy's INSTANT GRATIFICATION


    Selavy has managed, with the help of the corporate sponsorship of Palm Inc., to get the MBTA to collaborate in this simple, but effective, interactive public work. Using light sensors and the derriers of passengers, Selavy has constructed a thought-provoking public commentary on the mixed messanging which captive consumers are constantly confronted with. In this case, by working with his sponsor and collaborator to bring two out of synch realities in line with each other. Noting in passing a Palm Inc. ad at the site reminding passengers waiting for the erratic MBTA buses that "Life moves fast" and that they shouldn't "miss a thing", Selavy, well-aware of the notoriously unreliable 66 and 39 bus routes, was inspired to reach out and around the kiosk middlemen, to connect the advertiser directly to the client by asking for their joint support of his 48 hour adventure.

     INSTANT GRATIFICATION installed at Mission Park

    Known for his tongue in cheek responses to found environments, Selavy installed photosensitve transmitters under the kiosk bench that are active during daylight hours only on February 27, 2010 and February 28, 2010. When the natural light source is interrupted by the baggage or bottom of a waiting MBTA passenger, transmitters send signals to the buses on these routes (extra buses have been subsized by Palm Inc.,) and a 66 or 39 bus, bypassing any other stops between where it was when the signal came and the Mission Park kiosk, arrives within moments, astounding passengers who had expected to be settling in for a 30minute plus wait on a typical Saturday or Sunday.

     "The action is so small" says Selavy, standing with Berwick representatives and a few others at INSTANT GRATIFICATION's opening while bus after bus arrived to pick up passenger after passenger, "but it's not. For the typical weekend MBTA passenger, this simple thing is a miracle."

    Berwickers boarding the 6th ass-retrieved bus, had to agree that this was both a pleasant and effective artistic intervention into the accepted norms at the Mission Park bus kiosk.

     See INSTANT GRATIFICATION, opposite 824 Huntington Ave, Boston, through 02/28/2010.

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    Featuring  acclaimed filmmaker Jonathan Demme’s The Agronomist (2003), a documentary about the life of Haitian human rights activist and radio journalist Jean Dominique.

    FREE admission (benefit attendees are encouraged to contribute $25 or more to relief efforts in Haiti)

    RSVP at reply@artistsincontext.org  if you plan to attend, as seating will be limited.

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    A celebration of Boston‘s Performance Art Initiative and release of long-awaited web-based archive, which was developed with support of the Berwick's SPI program. Exhibition of performance art relics and evolving timeline on view at MEME October 9th-23rd.

    October 9th 8pm
    Accumulation screening

    October 16th  8 pm
    Screening of selected and extended archive footage

    October 23, 7 pm
    Live Event, featuring the work of:
    Coco Segaller (Boston)
    Sarah Schoemann (NYC)
    Philip Fryer (Boston) 
    Daniel DeLuca [Boston]


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    The 2009 Bumpkin Island Art Encampment artists, curators and project fellows present their findings in through Traces, an exhibit at Studio Soto, October 16 - 31. Please join us during Fort Point Open Studios for a special public reception on Sunday, October 18, from 6 - 8pm. For more information about Bumpkin, the Bumpkin book, and the exhibit, go here:


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