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    February 15, 2007 

    Projects presented in no particular order:

    • Big Budget Blockbuster Idea - DIESPACE
    • Show and Tell night for grownups
    • Locational Symmetry - simultaneous psychogeographic documentation
    • Cutie Pie Reel (jewish families frolick in the Poconos)
    • Empire Snafu and vagiplasty (600 down, 400 to go)
    • Big Budget Blockbuster Idea - HAMMER DOWN
    • Witch House/John Proctor's Fork - the truth in history
    • smallfrenzy magazine
    • jason's prototype (well tempered oscillator)
    • Big Budget Blockbuster Idea - STIFFIES

    In the spirit of the evening's antiquainted technology, we proudly present the first Tag & Release event as blogged live by Heather, Bonnie, and Maire...

    All presenters and attendees were successfully tagged and released back into the wild. No artists were harmed during the hosting of this event.

    Should anyone wish to purchase the rights to one of the fantastic blockbuster film ideas or has Goody Nurse's bread pan, contact us and we'll be sure to pass the info along.

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