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Archived Programs & Projects

This is a general project archive. There is a specific page for archived AIR materials. There is also a SPI Project Archive.

What Are We Waiting For? is a curated project by Daniel S. DeLuca and Sandrine Schaefer as a facet of the People in Space Project - An interactive artistic research delegation to the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.
Boston-based multimedia artist Liz Nofziger is currently developing Tocsin, a new temporary art installation to be held in the newly renovated Engine Company 40 Firehouse in East Boston, MA.
A brand new art publication that aims to tackle contemporary issues through the mixing of all artistic mediums.
Determining the number of fish living in a given body of water is crucial to maintaining fish stocks and preserving species. We have adopted a tagging system in which the tag is placed over the large, mitten shaped cell (discal cell) on the underside
An ongoing event series that creates a forum for different artists and organizations to cross-pollinate ideas.
A series of four unique dinner events that brought together artists, community organizers, urban designers, arts administrators, and activists to discuss the potential of socially based, temporary works to activate public public spaces.
What happens when artists annex an island? Acting as temporary "homesteaders," artists will explore and transform an empty plot of land (their campsite) into a resource sustaining themselves and their community.
A performance art collective that organizes performance art events and festivals in the Boston area featuring the work of local, national and international artists working in experimental time-based media.
A street corner in Dudley Sq, Roxbury will be virtually relocated in Coolidge Corner, Brookline, and conversely, a street corner in Coolidge Corner will be transplanted to Dudley Sq.
Responding to the role that transportation and urban planning play in the physical, social, and economic conditions of communities, artists Heather Clark and Matthew Mazzotta plan to invent, construct and pilot a 15-20-person "busycle."