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H&L Restoration Services at MEME

Event Details
2 May 2010 12:00pm
05/02/2010 8:00pm
MEME Gallery, 55 Norfolk Street, Cambridge MA 02139


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SUNDAY MAY 2, 2010

For one day only former Berwick AIRs, Liz Nofziger and Heather Kapplow, along with Linda Price Snedden will be offering wellness services as H&L Restoration Services.

As seen on CCTV and the MASSART CHANNEL, H&L Restoration Services is an extremely specialized clinic that provides a type of treatment that has previously only been available in Tibet. This treatment suppresses extraneous immune reactions; protects bone marrow and digestive tracts from free floating radiation; tonifies the liver; has a hypoglycemic effect on people with insulin resistance; and has mild antidepressant effects.

All in all, we think it might be THE antidote to everyday life! Please see our fine infomercial here for more details about our highly effective treatment:

H&L Restoration Services will be operating this fairly top secret (but extremely affordable) trial treatment center on May 2, 2010 from 12pm-8pm (with a short afternoon break from 3:30-4pm) at the MEME Gallery (55 Norfolk Street, Central Square, Cambridge MA.) Because we care a great deal about your physical and mental health, we invite you to partake of what we are offering. Please feel free to refer your friends and relatives to us as well.

H&L Restoration Services