Walking the fine line between non-profit arts organization and absurdist theater.

People in Space

This is a temporary photo gallery for kickstarter backers to select and image of their choosing from the project.
One of the most exciting things at the Expo is having a chance to interact with and observe so many people. Check out some of our favorite moments that were captured with these incredible people.
Re-Value: The Construction and Consumption of Value in Contemporary Art is a conference hosted by UACC & ArtTactic in collaboration with ShContemporary.
Since Shanghai was approved as the host-city in 2003, its residents have been inundated with marketing and advertisements for the Expo. The barrage of media is omnipresent in illuminated billboards, banners, posters, and giant LED screens...
Daniel DeLuca has been on the ground in Shanghai for 3 weeks talking with the locals, traversing megalithic skyscrapers, navigating consumerist labyrinths, and experiencing contemporary art.
What Are We Waiting For? invites creative thinkers from a variety of backgrounds to consider the context of waiting in lines as an opportunity to spark the imagination through unexpected actions and interactions.
People in Space is a project organized by American artists from Boston, Massachusetts that utilizes the context of the Shanghai Expo as a platform for contemporary art, research, and communication.