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Preliminary Reports


Contemporary Art in Shanghai:

The presence of the 2010 Expo and major semi-annual exhibitions opening in Sept. and october has Shanghai teeming with contemporary art. I have had the fortune to connect with a local contemporary art savant living in Shanghai named Rebecca Lin. Rebecca has helped me navigate this torrent of activity by recommending galleries and symposia that are presenting compelling work.

I have attended several openings, exhibitions, and art talks since I've arrived and the one that has stood out most for was a presentation given by renowned independent curator and art critic Manray Hsu.  His lecture was part of the 7th Asia-Eurpoe Art Camp called "moved, mutated and distributed identities," and focused on the topic of globalization and the idea of "Global Citizenship."  Manray presented artworks and questions for curators regarding the topic. He asked how curators are addressing this issue while organizing events like Biennials. Manray questions: "How to bring a global currency such as a biennial to engage with a city?," and "How to construct a new public in a biennial? a proposal for a new public?"  In addressing how the superstructures of art impact the individuals that comprise the "public,"  Manray begins to illuminate the importance and responsibility of both the curator and the artist within a global context.  Furthermore, it illustrates the role the audience has in shaping the content of these exhibitions.

Here are some links for you to explore while i consider more of my thoughts on the topic:


(Beggar 1.01: a robot for the materially deprived in Taipei, Saso Sedlacek)

Selected artists and artworks referenced from the discussion:
    -- sasosedlacek.com
    -- theyesmen.org
    -- all-media.

Writings and Researchers on the topic of Globalization:
    -- naomiklein/shock-doctrine
    -- appadurai.com

Other current and upcoming exhibtions in Shanghai:

    -- shcontemporary
    -- mocaShanghai
    -- ShanghaiArtfair


Megaliths Traversed: Photos by daniel s. deLuca

Shanghia / Pudong Financial District: 

I had to navigate an ocean of people to get this shot. I felt like I was on a pilgrimage.




World Financial Center - This was my office for two days.



Radisson Hotel:



Other Megaliths:




All hail the Gods of Consumerism!

It has been awesome to witness the omnipresence of consumerism in Shanghai. Its ubiquitous nature is illuminated in the underground marble labyrinths of metro stations where its repositories of colorful and garish talons reach out to pilgrims.



Who is who?



 This is a giant shopping are. Its also happened to be my neighborhood for 4 days:



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