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Your Involvement

Here are 3 ways to get involved with the Berwick: 

1) Come to one of our events and introduce yourself!

2) Get on our mailing list, find out about one of our events, come to one of our events and introduce yourself!

3) Write to us via the contact form on our site and tell us that you want to get involved.

Particular projects have particular needs so mention it if you are interested in getting involved in a specific project, but if you're wanting to figure out how to connect with what we're doing at a more general level as an organization, that's cool too. 

We are ALWAYS wanting to meet new people with an interest in helping out with a particular project, collaborating with us, with an idea for something completely new, to produce press coverage of us, to be our long-distance art-pen-pals, or if you have wads of something that you would like to donate to us (postage stamps, water transport, legal expertise, silver dollars, guacamole...) Just let us know what you're thinking.