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The Artist-in-Research Program (AIR Program) is one of the many programs developed under the Berwick Research Institute, a non-profit art organization that provides emerging artists with the opportunity for fiscal sponsorship and a laboratory where they can experiment with new forms and concepts without the pressures of a commercial environment. The Berwick brings artists and audiences together to foster a community that is based on dialog.

The AIR Program
is a residency program that provides emerging artists essential time, space, community, financial assistance, and critical feedback to develop and present their work. The artists have two public events that offer a venue to test their ideas in a dialog with other artists, curators, and the general public. The AIR Program is run by two co-curators, Bonnie Bastien and Nova Benway, who devote all their free time for the love of it. Our artists are selected by panels of local artists, curators, and arts professionals on the basis of quality, feasibility, and fit with the Berwick mission of supporting innovative art that engages the public in conversations about their worlds. Each artist is given two and a half months of free studio time, project and promotional support, a $1250 stipend, and weekly critiques with Nova and Bonnie. Critical feedback is the cornerstone of our program.

One of the greatest assets of the AIR Program is access to the larger Berwick community. According to the needs of the artist, we call on our vast network of artists, curators, scientists, urban planners, engineers, etc. to come and join us to bring fresh minds and expertise to the critique sessions.  It is a great perk to be located in such a wonderful urban intellectual center surrounded by universities such as MIT and Harvard. We are a small program but we know many people and have earned respect in the Boston arts community.

We look for conceptual artists who want to work in a focused, engaged, and collaborative way. A high value is placed on a sustained period of critical analysis. There are no expectations for the completion of artwork. Instead, we push the investigation and interrogation of an idea and experimentation with the subsequent research material.

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