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Special Projects Incubator

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Special Project Incubator seeks new program coordinator for Fall of 2008!

Read complete job description here! The Berwick is accepting applications until July 15th.

Program History:

This program, started in the winter of 2008, was the result of research gathered under the auspices of the Berwick's Public Art Incubator program and Meet Me At The Table.

The Special Projects Incubator program evolved out of the Berwick's roles a nurturer of work and processes that lie between genre categories and official states of recognition.  The new program expands the scope of our fiscal agenting to include a three-tiered level of support and institutes the Tag & Release project into a quarterly series.  

Under the SPI program, a project can receive just one or all three levels of support:

Level A. Two featured projects will be selected by the board, with priority given to projects that meet the Berwick’s working definition of public art as "art work in temporary social spaces, with an emphasis on creating public dialogue.” The Special Projects Coordinator will help these projects set and achieve specific goals within the fostering period. These projects are eligible for up to $1,000 each in support of materials needed.

2008 Level A Projects include:

Bumpkin Island Art Encampment - The 2nd annual five-day opportunity for artists and the general public to live and work in a temporary artist community in Boston’s largest national park area, the Boston Harbor Islands. 

Present Tense Archive Project - An on-line and physical archive of performance art from 2003 up until the present, compiled by The Present Tense, a Boston-based performance art collective.  

Level B.  Berwick co-sponsorship, co-presentation or co-hosting support will be offered to an additional three or four projects through promotion, mailing list notices, in-kind support & potential mini-grants (up to $100) from our budget.

Level C. The Berwick will continue to serve as a fiscal agent for grant applications, and provide advising and/or connections to resources in support of a project that fits within the scope of our  mission.


To find out more about how to apply for any or all three levels under the Special Projects Incubator, please contact us.  

This project has been generously funded in part by the LEF Foundation.  

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