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Dinner #3: Project YUM! October 13th

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Turning local food into local art: YUM Local(e)


Read an article about this event here.  

The Basics The YUM Local(e)

When: Saturday, Oct. 13, 2007 3-6pm

Where: Union Square Plaza, Somerville 

Why: You like free food don’t you? Well, what about free art that you help make?

For its third and grandest rendition of the Meet Me at the Table concept, the Berwick collaborated with a number of partners in Project YUM, a UnionSquare festival celebrating local crops and global shops, as part of the ArtsUnion Summer Series by the Somerville Arts Council.  Watch the video here.  

Over the course of three hours, more than 60 people ate, talked and collaborated at the YUM Local(e) station.  Situated in a quiet corner of the Project YUM Festival, the YUM Local(e) invited people to sit down at one of three tables to share food and thoughts about what the term, "local food," inspires in each of them.  Some people prepared their own local dishes while others bought food from one of the local vendor stations.  Sitting at a table, surrounded by new faces, people generously shared dishes, stories, and recipes. More video here.

There were many different definitions of "local" that emerged over the course of the afternoon. The Berwick invites you to contribute your own thoughts by filling out this quick survey.


Thanks: The Berwick Research Institute was pleased to partner with ArtsUnion and a number of area food producers to present Project YUM, a day-long celebration of the delicious place where food and art intersect, all part of the ongoing ArtsUnion series!

Many thanks to everyone who volunteered as hosts, cooks, and sandwich-board donners! A particularly warm gracias goes out to local restaurant favorite, Tacos Mexicanos, for donating numerous jarros of horchata, blackberry juice and lemonada. 

Meet Me at the Table was also excited to have the opportunity to profile the graphic work of local illustrator, Brian Butler, who produced the logo for both the Berwick's YUM Local(e) and the ArtsUnion's Project YUM Festival.


Starting in mid September, the Berwick installed answer boxes where visitors to the Union Square Farmer’s Market were invited to submit their responses to these questions: What are three words that come to mind when you hear the word 'local food'?", "What is your favorite memory associated with a "local food"?", and more. You can contribute your own answers by filling out our short online survey. Responses to these questions, were displayed at the YUM Local(e) Station on the 13th. 

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