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Christy Georg, AIR artist 2004

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Christy Georg, ear
Artist Christy Georg began her term as the Berwick Research Institute's eighth Artist in Research in mid October. During her 10-week stay, Georg has been examining the occurrence of the elusive "present" moment and building tools and devices with which to perform perceptual experiments. The public is invited to meet the artist and see the results of her research at the Berwick Studios. Refreshments will be served.

About the Artist: Georg's work explores the role the body plays as the site of convergence between the interior mind and exterior world. She is an accomplished sculptor whose work investigates the activity of perception through the vehicle of kinetic motion. The viewer is presented with an amplified experience, one that oscillates, marks time, makes sound, and reveals through its duration. The work is patient- requiring the viewer to exercise subtleties of looking and listening to perceive changes more easily revealed only after elapsed duration. By performing with her work, Georg uses her body as the catalyst between stillness and motion. She thus becomes the "Operator" in the work, serving as a neutral authority governing the phenomenological experiments that characterize her work. Georg describes her project in this way; "This work has four phases of existence: the objects themselves (which imply ambiguous use as tools), their use by an 'Operator' in performance experiments, the documentation of the performances recontextualized in edited video, and the re-presentation of the objects as artifacts in a divorced context". The role of the present, specifically in the mode of performance, lends a philosophical and ontological element to her work. "I am interested in whether or not there is a defining truth to experience, or whether it is referential to each individual. Memory is a filter which attenuates and amplifies the actuality of experience."

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