Jesse Kaminsky AIR Project Statement

Jesse Kaminsky ImageJesse Kaminsky is a Boston-based artist who makes process-oriented sculpture and sculptural installations that create complex systems from simple materials. He plans to explore the way we understand and construct place using perception, memory and desire.  With simple materials he will create environments that will alter your sense of space and time. Kaminsky seeks the threshold of perception where the familiar becomes unfamiliar, and the mind explores a variety of new, sometimes implausible, theories in order to make sense of the world again.  

Jesse Kaminsky Biography

Jesse Kaminsky is a Boston-based sculptor who makes process-oriented sculptures and sculptural installations, creating complex systems from simple materials.  Often identifying several simple rules for the creation of a piece, Kaminsky explores variation within a system, referencing organic growth and adaptation. Simple, non-traditional materials such as rebar tie wire, staples and balloons are transformed by their repetitive use in an attempt to understand the essential nature of these materials and the way the brain interprets the world.  In this way, many of these sculptures can be seen as experiments, where multiple variables are limited in order to explore specific, unexpected aspects of materials and processes.  Kaminsky's work has within it a certain amount of both chaos and order, calling into question the very nature of this distinction.  Jesse Kaminsky holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Kansas City Art Institute and has lived in Boston since August 2001.