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Jesse Kaminsky @ the Mills Gallery for One Night Only

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Aug 20 2008 - 19:00
Aug 20 2008 - 20:30

The Berwick’s AIR Program is setting up shop for ONE EVENING ONLY at the Mills Gallery on Wednesday, August 20th.  The gallery is providing Artist in Research, Jesse Kaminsky, a public space to present his site-specific works-in-progress. Please join us between 7-8:30pm to see what we have been up to! I apologize for the very short notice. This opportunity presented itself very recently and we couldn’t pass it up!

At the AIR Program, Jesse is exploring the way we understand and construct space using perception, memory and desire. Our human bodies are constantly gathering clues to piece together a navigable model of the world. There are similarities to the outer, physical world but our model is not an exact match. There is a huge amount of information that goes unnoticed by our physical sensory apparatus. The work at the Mills will attempt to undermine our reductive tendencies and to draw unexpected relationships between physical stimuli. Please keep in mind that the work in the gallery is work-in-progress. 

For more information on the work Jesse has been doing with the AIR Program please visit his Berwick blog (insert link) pages as well as his personal website ( ).

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