How To Choose Unique Dissertation Topics: 15 Suggestions

A large amount of grade is dependent on the submission of your dissertation. You need to be extra cautious with the standard of works that you are going to provide. If the submitted work is not unique or it is dull or a common one then you will be facing great trouble in the future. Your credibility and the grasp on your subjects would be checked on the basis of your work done. So be sure about the work you are doing.

Choosing a unique dissertation topic:

  • The topic must not be a simple one. Simple works are not so much taken in consideration.
  • The topic must not be a dull one as it might lead to a boring dissertation.
  • The topic should have plenty to talk about.
  • The topic should be not so hard that you end up ditching the paper due to lack of material.
  • The topic should not be biased on any particular point.
  • Never go for a complicated topic else it would make you go crazy on the different perceptions that you will be having on the topic.
  • The topic selection should be done with assistance from your mentor. They are the one who are most experienced in these kinds of thesis works. So get their valuable suggestion.
  • Try to keep the topic from the area of your expertise else you might have problem collecting information.
  • The first thing to be done to come up with a unique topic is to go through the subject you have decided to work on. The better knowledge you will be having on your subject the better topic you will come up with.
  • Suppose you have chosen subject of psychology and the sub-branch that you have opted for is child psychology. Get all your books regarding it and search for a nice and beautiful topic.
  • The topic should have a social point of view else it won’t attract people’s attention.
  • The topic should have a morale sense of approach so that people are easily lured.
  • The topic should be of some relevant issue else it won’t attract lot of people.
  • The topic should cover a lot of information else you won’t be able to come up with a thousand page dissertation. It is difficult to cover such a huge work if the idea is not vast.
  • The topic must be having some cultural aspects too so that it also attract people form cultural sphere.