Searching For A Sociology Dissertation Introduction Example

Are you in need of a sociology dissertation introduction example, but have no idea where to find one? If you are writing a project then taking the time to find the right examples could prove crucial to figuring out what to do. By looking at enough examples you will begin to see a pattern of what is required for a successful project to be completed. With that thought in mind, read on for the top places where you can find an introduction on a sociology dissertation:

University Resources Pages

There are many universities out there and nearly all of them have a website filled with resource pages. You can view these pages in order to get help for your own project. With enough digging around you should be able to find a page with a sample project on sociology, which will have an introduction.

An introduction must contain the hypothesis, which is a statement that allows the reader to figure out what is being studied. It will also show your stance on the subject. A good project will have the kind of hypothesis that draws the reader in because it provides value to the area of study.


Try to find a directory of dissertations that has a section on sociology. The topic is popular so you might event find a directory that is devoted to that one area of study. This would be the perfect place to search for an introduction. Keep in mind that you will benefit the most from an example that is closely related to your own title. By viewing such examples you will get a clear idea of what will be expected of you to get the top marks.

Ask Your Professor

If you want to use an example for comparative purposes then your professor should be more than happy to give you access to the work completed by previous students. They will have a database of projects that can be given, but you must not copy the work, as you will get penalized for that.

You might think that a professor is not willing to help because they expect you to do the work yourself. But you will be surprised by how welcoming professors can be when you reach out and simply ask for help.