Crafting a dissertation proposal in nursing

Worried about writing a dissertation proposal in nursing? Worry no more! Here is your exclusive step by step guide on how it’s done. Your dissertation opens doors to a major stream.

What is a Dissertation?

It is a thesis or well written documented essay on a topic of your choice to research and contains knowledge in that specific area of research.


We begin with the very basics in the beginning. Your dissertation must consist of a title, the reason behind the choice of topic and your progression with it. This is inclusive of the introduction, methodology and review. Ensure that you mention the subjectivity of your choice of topic and what led you to choosing it. Also mention the difficulty faced that made you narrow down your methodology.


Mention the time frame within which you were to complete the dissertation and the references that inspired you. The target is to prove to instructors that you can convince the layman with the dissertation in a simplified way in which he can comprehend.

The Topic

When writing a dissertation on nursing, you need to remember that you need to have a substantial topic to write about. For example, you could do a dissertation on the care of terminal patients. You have to talk about what the patients really go through. Then move on to how they need to be given special attention and taken care of. Then checking out how various patients are taken care of in different health care facilities.

Know the types of Nursing

Before beginning with the selection process, one must know the various types of nursing so that they have enough knowledge and content to write the dissertation. For example, there is medical surgical nursing, child health nursing, pediatric nursing and mental health nursing.


You can lay emphasis on how subjective the topic is as there are millions of such patients. You cannot cover all areas and there lies your limitation.

Constructive Thinking

Put your best foot forward by coming up with ways in which these patients could be taken care of. Make these as innovative and original as possible.


Follow a thoroughly structured and consistent format style. Avoid errors at all costs. Create a background and prepare something that defends your proposal to be on the safe side. Be objective, assess the time period and complete the dissertation.

Last but not least, follow all of the instructions given to you. For professional assistance you can check this site.