7 Things You Need To Know About MBA Dissertation Editing

Writing an MBA dissertation is a major milestone for any graduate. It is the culmination of all the college work done. These papers can build your career life to amazing heights and therefore there is need to take them seriously. There are 7 things you need to know about MBA dissertation editing before handing that final draft to the supervisor.

Go over the common mistakes

Abstract and review of topic confusion

These are two different sections that are not in any way related. While the abstract should form the leading paragraph and give a summary of the topic, it should not contain key findings in it. Basically, the abstract serves as a preview to the dissertation.

The review topic or the material section should come immediately after the introduction. Readers will determine the credibility of the research based on the content written here. The main aim if this section is to present your research from your own point of view and other points that contrast to yours. This means that you have taken time to educate readers on other opinions and views other besides those of your own.

Communication of findings

A large portion of the dissertation paper will discuss the findings of the study. It involves analysis and presentation of information on previous and current research. It is important to clearly understand how the findings were arrived at before drafting them. By doing so, it becomes easy to write the findings and clearly explain them. Having a clear understanding will guide the thought process.

Writing a terrible conclusion

Most people do not take time when writing the conclusion. A badly written conclusion leaves a bed taste to the readers. A poorly written conclusion ruins a great dissertation paper. The concluding section of the dissertations should give a summary of the entire easy but in an interesting way. The best way to develop a captivating conclusion is by developing an outline. Begin with the summary, followed by critiquing the research approach followed and lastly give future insights if any. It is important to note that no new ideas should be introduced at this point. Avoid giving misguided information too.

Editing and proof reading dissertation papers is not rocket science. Read thoroughly and carefully through your work, making grammatical and punctuation corrections as well correcting the content. Remove any information that you feel is not relevant. Giving someone else to go through your work will help point out errors you had not noticed.