8 Things You Need To Remember About AMA Dissertation Citations

Whilst AMA style is not one of the most common style guides used for students when writing dissertations, it is still important to know how to include citations when using this formatting style. The following explains eight things that you should remember when about AMA dissertation citations.

  1. Remember to use the latest edition of AMA style
  2. It is important that you use the latest edition of the AMA style guidelines, as you do not want to be using an out-dated edition, which might be incorrect.

  3. Finding further details about instructions relating to AMA style online
  4. To give you a better understanding of any instructions related to AMA style, it is possible to find details on the Internet, although you may have to pay for any content that you find.

  5. Buying printed AMA style writing guides
  6. An alternative to looking for online information is to buy printed copies of the AMA style guide.

  7. Including in-text citations directly after the quote that needs to be cited
  8. When including in text citations, you should include the citation directly after any quote that you have included within the main text.

  9. Using the correct citation method depending on where the quote was sourced
  10. It is worth bear in mind that there are a variety of different sources that you might use, which may then need a citation. For example, you may take quotes from books, journals, newspapers, or a wide range of other publications and sources. Therefore, it is important that you include a citation that is correct for the relevant source.

  11. The details that need to be included
  12. The precise details that you need to include can vary, but will generally include the author’s name and initial, the year the work was published, and the title

  13. How to order the details
  14. When it comes to including citations, different formatting guides will have different requirements, and the precise order is as follows with AMA style: the authors surname should come first, followed by their initial. The title of the work should come up to details relating to the authors name. And finally you should include the year in which the work was published.

  15. Including information in your bibliography or reference list
  16. Essentially, the citations should be included in your bibliography or reference list. In order to identify the various citations, you should include a number within the text, which will then correspond to the citation in the bibliography or reference list.