Writing An Interesting Introduction For A Dissertation On Motivation

What is motivation? It’s a force that makes people do something. What is an introduction to your dissertation? It’s a thing that motivates people to read it one.

What Is an Intro for a Dissertation?

An introduction is a part of your project that requires a lot of attention. It’s one of the most important parts of your work because it plays the role of a certain face of your project. People see it first when they open your project. That’s why it’s so important to make it catchy, interesting, and attractive for readers. Besides that, the introduction is your first chance to create a certain impression, to show your readers how unique your project is and why they should use it in their own research.

In other words, you need to motivate your readers to keep on reading your work that is dedicated to motivation.

How to Compose an Interesting Intro?

  1. Compose a draft and see whether it fits in the size.
  2. A good intro is not long. It’s rather short in comparison with the entire paper. Yet, it’s as informative as possible, it’s whole concentrated information. Edit the draft in such a way that there is no useless stuff but only important things.

  3. Think about a thesis statement.
  4. A thesis statement is a phrase or a couple of phrases that conveys a lot of information on the dissertation that you are representing. In the thesis statement, you let your readers know your goal, the importance of the research, its novelty, and scientific value. Yet, you need to make sure that the statement is rather disputable so that your readers get interested in the things that they are going to find inside your dissertation.

  5. Think about a hook.
  6. Writing a research about motivation, you must know how a single word can influence the way people think and act. Give your intro an interesting hook, something that will attract the attention of your readers. Brighten the intro up with an interesting fact that they wouldn’t know, render a couple of catchy ideas that give only a hint of what people are going to see in your work. It can even be a part of a joke that will be told to the end somewhere in the middle of your project or closer to its end.

  7. Don’t make an open issue out of your intro.
  8. Don’t tell your readers just everything regarding your project. Keep them interested in what’s going to happen next without letting them see all your cards. Store a couple of astonishing ideas for body paragraphs.