Expert Tips On How To Come Up With A Great Dissertation Defense Presentation

When you are done writing your dissertation, you are not done yet. You will still need to conduct your defense presentation. It is one of the essential parts of your project. You will need to present the information that you found. Here are some tips on coming up with a great presentation.

  • Start with the presentation that you used for your proposal
  • Your presentation should be around thirty minutes long
  • Make sure to get an approval for the material in your presentation
  • Practice presenting your information in front of an audience
  • Use a professional slide layout that is more conservative
  • Use figures, tables, and an easy to read font
  • Don’t add transitions, sounds, animations (They are distracting)
  • Keep the text on the slides to a minimum
  • Add notes to each slide and don’t just read off of them
  • You need to expand on the ideas in your slides

Breaking the presentation down

This section will break the presentation down into easily digestible parts. You should follow this format when you are designing your dissertation presentation. It will help you set up your slides. Then you can add you information while adding speaker notes. Once you have the information, you can start to develop a cohesive speech to work with your slide.

1st Slide: Title page

This should list the exact title of your dissertation.

2nd Slide: Background on the researcher

Include your experience, credentials, and whatever else qualifies you to conduct the research. Make sure this is brief.

3rd Slide: Background on your topic

In this section you will talk about why you chose the topic, history, why it was needed, and if there are any gaps.

4th Slide: Problem Statement

Describe the purpose of your study.

5th Slide: Research Importance

Describe your studies impact on your field of study and your work as a professional.

6th Slide- ? Slide: Concepts

This is where you will start presenting the information. You will want to try to include a slide for each of your ideas and not have two ideas mixed in one slide.

Back Matter Slides:

These will include your references, appendices, and other back matter.

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