Where To Find Relevant Information For My Dissertation In History

A dissertation is a complicated and significant project that needs a lot of attention and time. If you are composing such a project, it is supposed to contain a great deal of your own research and a lot of relevant information from reference sources. Of course, this information needs to be found and collected. Where? Check out several recommendations below.

  1. Libraries.
  2. The best place where you can find enough relevant and reliable information for your dissertation in history is a library. It’s a place where you can work, staying close to all the countless books that can be found in its storages. If you don’t want to take books from the library and work at home, you can have copies of the necessary pages and use them at home. You should always remember that in libraries you can find the most reliable reference material for your work. Apart from books, you can also find a number of other students’ works that are dedicated to the same subject and see what they have written, which sources they have used, and how reliable those sources are.

  3. The Web.
  4. The Internet is able provide you with tons of information that can be used for any project in history. Still, you need to be very careful, choosing the sources for such a serious and profound project. Some students use the Internet when they don’t want to go to the library and search for the necessary books from the comfort of their home. However, your project may require some fresh data that still has not reached libraries. In such a situation, you can use information taken from websites. The most reliable ones are located at *.gov, *.org or *.com domains. If you search in online databases, you can also find a number of other people’s research projects that can provide you with useful hints.

  5. Living people.
  6. Depending on the topic you are researching, you can find precious information, asking living witnesses of certain historical events. For example, some veterans of WWII or the war in Vietnam are still alive, so you can ask them for first-hand information regarding those events. If your work is narrative, you can give pieces of their interview as a part of the whole story you are telling. In case you need to prove some point of view, you need to collect evidence from more people, make sure that they describe the same events and provide their words as a number of proofs.